Custodes, Marines and Dark Eldar sculpts

I’ve been doing a few sculpting/converting commissions lately. Three of the projects require me to sculpt quite a lot of custom detail on otherwise standard GW models, and then make an army’s worth of models out of these. To keep the projects affordable and at a high quality I opted to make several master models[…]

The Titans are finally finished!

An epic commission, two and a half month of my total commitment from start to finish. These will round off a Showcase-level Rob’s Eldar army I painted up for him earlier. The models are now done. Here are all the pictures so you can judge them for yourself. Enjoy! The Blue Ravenant: The Purple Ravenant:[…]

Titans painting and something in between…

Another status update. This week I’ve been touching up and highlighting the checkers and the armour. Some extreme highlights to make it “shine” still to go. Also, the gems only have the basecoat on for now. I finished the base for the Phantom though (maybe a wash or two are still to go) and made[…]