Titans painting and something in between…

Another status update.

This week I’ve been touching up and highlighting the checkers and the armour. Some extreme highlights to make it “shine” still to go. Also, the gems only have the basecoat on for now. I finished the base for the Phantom though (maybe a wash or two are still to go) and made all of the ribbed areas glow. The Ravenants also have the undersides of several armour plates (shoulder and tigh guards) plus the engine muzzles glowing.

Titan Phantom Warrior 1.jpgTitan Phantom Farseer 1.jpgTitan Phantom Farseer 4.jpg

Titan Phantom Farseer 3.jpgTitan Phantom Farseer 2.jpgTitans.jpg

Weighting the Phantom: With largest head and arms it weighs almost 4kgs [8,75lbs]!

Titan weight 1.jpgTitan weight 2.jpgTitan weight 2 lbs.jpg

And now for something completely different;

Over a year ago I did a conversion of a Soulgrinder of Slaanesh for Joao. He contacted me half a year back to order a second one. I told him I have deadlines that make it impossible to start on this before June. Being a cool guy, he understood and wanted it nevertheless.
This week, over a month later that anticipated, I actually took a break from painting the titans and cleaned and assembled the model, and started the base to sculpt onto:

Soulgrinder WIP 1.jpgSoulgrinder WIP 2.jpgSoulgrinder WIP 3.jpgSoulgrinder WIP 4.jpg

And here’s how the first one looked like when finished:

Soulgrinder 1.jpgSoulgrinder 2.jpgSoulgrinder 4.jpgSoulgrinder 5.jpg