I accept commissions for painting,  sculpting and converting various models. You may want me to just convert a model for you to paint, or to make a model from ground up – from sculpting to painting.

With painting commissions, the prices can be defined pretty accurately in advance. I accept painting commissions on 3 general levels:




Conversions and sculpting are priced case-by-case. To give you the whereabouts of how much it can be, converting a plastic model into a totally custom pose with several hand-sculpted details might be between 60€ and 90€ , and sculpting a 28-30mm model from scratch might be from 140€ to 220€.

My biggest constraint is time though and please keep that in mind; I’m constantly booked for at least half a year ahead and I will need to find a spot in my schedule for your commission –  for a unit to be ready for a tournament held in a month’s time is possible, but sadly not likely to happen.