This is the level of painting where nothing is set in stone. Every commission has to be priced  on its own.

You may  expect  all of the painting techniques available at a premium on Master level, but painted with more care and attention to detail. Blending will be seamless, OSL life-like and NMM striking.

Large surfaces of the model may be covered with freehand-painted details. Extensive conversions and entire sections of the models resculpted.

Models are of course varnished and resin Micro Art Studio bases of your choice are included in the price… Which will be at least twice the Master level price.

Angels Land raider Dark Background 17 Angels Land raider Dark Background 1 Proxy Mk3 1        Phantom Titan by Hortwerth 08        Myrmidons 1        Myrmidon Hacker 1        Harlequin with nose 1        Harlequin with deathmask 2        Harlequin with chainsword 1        Eudoros 2       Death Jester 1       Cobra Gravtank by Hortwerth 01      Atalanta and bunny      Achilles 2