Even more Khorne madness!

I also painted up another couple of units and vehicles for another friend’s Worldeaters army. This time Bloodletters to serve as the Lesser Daemons, and fully magnetised Raptors/Possessed unit to fill any of the two rather obscure unit choices. The jumppacks are custom-built by me some time ago for another commission. Another overlooked choice is[…]

Former Governor and Presidential Hopeful… Keeper of Secrets

I’ve been commissioned a conversion to resculpt the Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets a bit; this has been the most detailed request I’ve ever got: This continues for 6 pages, with details concerning stockings, thong, breast size, hairdo and so forth; Everything is backed with proper pictures. I leave that to your imagination. the final page[…]

World Eaters Daemon Prince

I’ve been extremely lazy lately when it comes to posting on my site, up to the point that no less than three clients and friends of mine actually started poking me through Skype and e-mails to actually post something I did lately. So, to start off, here’s the Deamon Prince I did for the Worldeaters[…]

Titans painting and something in between…

Another status update. This week I’ve been touching up and highlighting the checkers and the armour. Some extreme highlights to make it “shine” still to go. Also, the gems only have the basecoat on for now. I finished the base for the Phantom though (maybe a wash or two are still to go) and made[…]