Worldeaters army finished

Last week I managed to finish the Khorne army I’ve been doing for my friend. I added just a tiny bit of dust and dirt to the tanks, and finished all the infantry up to his liking. The army is a bit too dark for me (my own is almost exactly as dark, it’s just in hindsight I’d love to have a brighter army to play with) but on the other hand it manages to convey the feel of bloodthirsty-ness quite well.

There’s just the Daemon Prince left to paint – after today’s good work climate, I think it will be finished tomorrow.

Without further ado, the pictures!

Note I changed the background for darker one – the bright one was making the models look even darker!

8 thoughts on “Worldeaters army finished

  • Nice job Hort! A lot of work over there. How long it took? The unpainted deamon prince is my favourite, I`m very courious how it will turn up. The bases from MAs are also your design?

    • The job took me 6 weeks – but mostly due to the fact I got the models already assembled. It would have been at least a week on top of that if I were to assemble all the FW resin bits. The bases are MAS’s, designed by Piotr “Kruk” Kupper – wasteland bases. I modified them very slightly by adding a bit of static grass prior to painting the models to make it look like a dead grass, and adding some spikes on the Terminators’s bases.

  • It’s not too dark! Not at all! 🙂
    But I have to admit it’s sharp – a lot of spikes makes it that way. But hey, you have to have them for thropies, right? And chains… 😉
    BTW blood effect on terminators and ‘zerkers looks very nice (they look very badass).
    Dust it’s clearly wisible on tanks and infantry, i dont know if you used pigments again after varnish or photos just make it?
    And that khorne axe on DP looks scary.

    • The helmets are I believe from maxmini , and the cloaks are from Dark Elf Corsairs (the scaly ones) and my own sculpt (the other ones)

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