Khorne tanks continued

I managed to make the Khorne tanks 90% complete this week. I still need to add some dust and dirt to them, and varnish them, but other than that they’re pretty much complete. Later this week I spent two days applying blood red highlights to all the marines and Terminators. That part wasn’t funny.

1st Predator:

Predator B 1.jpgPredator B 2.jpgPredator B 4.jpg

2nd Predator:

Predator C 1.jpgPredator C 2.jpgPredator C 4.jpg

3rd Predator:

Predator A 1.jpgPredator A 2.jpgPredator A 3.jpg

Other weapon loadouts:

Predator A 5.jpgPredator A 7.jpgPredator C 5.jpg

Land Raider:

Land Raider 2.jpgLand Raider 3.jpgLand Raider 4.jpgLand Raider 1.jpg

Berzerkers’s Rhino #1:

Rhino Berzerkers B 1.jpgRhino Berzerkers B 3.jpgRhino Berzerkers B 4.jpg


Rhino Berzerkers C 2.jpgRhino Berzerkers C 3.jpgRhino Berzerkers C 4.jpgRhino Berzerkers C 5.jpg


Rhino Berzerkers A 1.jpgRhino Berzerkers A 3.jpgRhino Berzerkers A 4.jpg

Chosen Rhino #1:

Rhino Chosen B 1.jpgRhino Chosen B 3.jpgRhino Chosen B 4.jpg


Rhino Chosen A 1.jpgRhino Chosen A 3.jpgRhino Chosen A 4.jpg

That’s it for now.

10 thoughts on “Khorne tanks continued

  • As I noticed they have even more “dark” feeling, mainly because gold-brass doesnt look so bright as on pics, and highlighted lines blend more with main colour. Seems that camera flash light intensify that. Anyway there’s a lot of cool looking details on tanks that really catch eye, and they add a extra depth to them.
    There will be a lot of blood flowing soon.
    By the Khorne it will be done. 😉

  • These are absolutley incredible looking! I am currently working on my Khorne vehicles and I wish I had seen yours prior to my starting down this path… very nice looking!

  • Thanks guys 🙂

    @Nath – there’s no flash used while taking pics, I use a photo booth with three light sources and light filter. The problem might be the background, which is pale blue IRL – and on these pics seems just white. I will try to take next pictures on dark blue background, this way the camera should catch all the red highlight – which it didn’t enough now, apparently.

  • Ah really, I dont mind, just wondered why those looked a little bit brighter then IRL. They look (k)horny (;P) enough anyway.

    I laughed yesterday as Trey said that it’s amazing that ‘zerkers and chosens looks like almost finished while they are only primed and basic coloured. 😉

  • Can you tell me where the skull pieces for the vehicles come from? I thought Chapterhouse used to sell them – but I don’t see them there. Wondering if they stopped selling those or they are made by someone else…

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