Skulls for the Throne of Skulls! Blood for the Blood God!

As you might imagine from the title, I was commissioned by a friend to paint him a Khorne CSM army. There are no Plaguemarines, Noise Marines, or Obliterators. There is a host of Forgeworld pieces, including tank doors, infantry bits, and some brass photo-etched details.

This is the very first WIP set of pics: black undercoat, Red Gore airbrushed for the basecoat, and Blood Red airbrushed for the main highlight. Enjoy and try to visualise these when finished…

3 Berzerkers’s Rhinos:

Khorne Rhino Berzerkers A WIP 1.jpgKhorne Rhino Berzerkers B WIP 1.jpgKhorne Rhino Berzerkers C WIP 1.jpg

Khorne Rhino Berzerkers A WIP 2.jpgKhorne Rhino Berzerkers B WIP 3.jpgKhorne Rhino Berzerkers C WIP 2.jpg

2 Chosen’s Rhinos:

Khorne Rhino Chosen B WIP 1.jpgKhorne Rhino Chosen B WIP 2.jpgDozer Blades WIP.jpg

Khorne Rhino Chosen A 1.jpgKhorne Rhino Chosen A 2.jpgKhorne Rhino Chosen A 3.jpgKhorne Rhino Chosen A 4.jpg

The second one was a test model to see if the colours go well together.

3 Predators:

Khorne Predator A 1.jpgKhorne Predator B 1.jpgKhorne Predator C 1.jpg

Khorne Predator A 3.jpgKhorne Predator B 3.jpgKhorne Predator C 2.jpg

And they’re magnetised:

Khorne Predator annihilator WIP.jpgKhorne Predator destructor WIP.jpgKhorne Predator no sponsons WIP.jpg

Then there’s the Land Raider in all it’s spikyness:

Khorne Land Raider WIP 1.jpgKhorne Land Raider WIP 2.jpgKhorne Land Raider WIP 3.jpgKhorne Land Raider WIP 6.jpg

And the Berzerkers themselves:

Khorne Berzerkers A WIP 1.jpgKhorne Berzerkers B WIP 1.jpgKhorne Berzerkers C WIP 1.jpg

Then Chosen:

Khorne Chosen A WIP 2.jpgKhorne Chosen A WIP 1.jpgKhorne Chosen B WIP 1.jpgKhorne Chosen B WIP 2.jpg

And finally Terminators and Lord Zufhor:

Khorne Terminators WIP 1.jpgKhorne Terminators WIP 4.jpgKhorne Terminators and Lord WIP 1.jpgKhorne Terminators and Lord WIP 2.jpg

More WIP pics to come.

3 thoughts on “Skulls for the Throne of Skulls! Blood for the Blood God!

  • Hey mate, I was wondering if there were any tricks between airbrushed layers on the Khorne infantry? I really like the way these guys have come out and would like to put down a similar foundation for mine when I get started on them.


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