Even more Khorne madness!

I also painted up another couple of units and vehicles for another friend’s Worldeaters army. This time Bloodletters to serve as the Lesser Daemons, and fully magnetised Raptors/Possessed unit to fill any of the two rather obscure unit choices. The jumppacks are custom-built by me some time ago for another commission.

Another overlooked choice is the Chaos Lord (and wisely so! For 20-ish points less you can have a Daemon Prince, who has +2S, +1T, +1W and Eternal Warrior to boot! Are the game designers stupid or are they high?), but no hardcore player is complete without a Lord in Terminator Armour with Lightning Claws! He just looks so cool…

Also, no Warlord will be complete without yet another Land Raider, and the Possessed do need yet another Rhino.


Fear not, as another set of Forge World Berzerkers and Terminators upgrades and yet another set of Land Raider Woldeaters’ doors have already arrived… So till autumn!



4 thoughts on “Even more Khorne madness!

  • Mwahahahahah!! (or put another words for demonic-insane-laughter) 😉
    Land Raider looks even more agressive (and even more blasphemous ;P) then first one and I think that chained skeleton looks better then only skulls… That was good idea, indeed!
    Bloodletters swords ARE stylish, that maskol stuff is geat and makes me wonder about some dark warp blessings whirling on the sharp surfaces of immeaterial blades…
    Last but not least: Lord is … so khornate… ofc beside of usual chains and skulls 😉 I think that gore effect – blood splattered all over – makes him so.
    Unfortunatelly that cape freehand in reality looks more subtle and is clearly visible.

    PS. Did I tell that I LOVE Land Raider? Put him as my desktop wallpaper 😉
    PS. Cant wait for 3rd…

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