Dark Angels vehicles to round up the army

Sorry for not posting these immediately. I did paint the tanks to round up the Dark Angels army I painted for a friend. These were more mean to me than expected as I airbrushed them initially too bright green and although they all looked very cool, they belonged to Salamanders rather than Dark Angels.

So I had to wash them thrice with progressively darker green washes, a most unwelcome procedure when dealing with airbrushed models as it kills all that was so cool about them. I had to airbrush the dark green again on the armour surfaces to kill the wash drying and brush marks afterwards, so all in all they costed me 3 times more work than I initially planned.

But they emerged quite nice-looking, in my opinion anyways!

The vindicator has the barrel at a crazy angle at these pictures, this is due to me not keeping a close eye on the photographer, who positioned it this way – wtf?



One thought on “Dark Angels vehicles to round up the army

  • I have to admint, that exist a way to make stormraven looks good, hard to belive! Really great job of making something blunt and ugly looks like proper SM assault craft should. I think that cutting turret, altering wings, and adding alot longer tail was a great idea.
    Cool stuff.
    As for loyalist ofc 😉

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