Weekly Desk 3

Another week goes by, this time with some quite different modelling at hand. And on Thursday was Fat Thursday, and in the Studio we had something like 130 paczki (polish donuts with jam inside) for 21 people we have there 🙂 And, a Forge World order for another commission arrived!   [pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] [/pe2-gallery]

Weekly Desk 2

Another week passes by… I finished scouts, Dire Avengers and an Ork Warboss this week. I then started making bases for all the Raven Guard and eldar. Also, I bought a cheap top hat, bowler hat, two pairs of chopper chromed goggles and a crazy-coloured suit vest. And some oakum as a material for serious[…]

Titans painting and something in between…

Another status update. This week I’ve been touching up and highlighting the checkers and the armour. Some extreme highlights to make it “shine” still to go. Also, the gems only have the basecoat on for now. I finished the base for the Phantom though (maybe a wash or two are still to go) and made[…]