Weekly Desk 5

So far so good, I didn’t miss any week 🙂

This week was quite short. I took a day off on Tuesday to run some errants. I managed to finish the Raven Guard Assault Squad (2 weeks for 10 models, a sluggish pace) and then I started cleaning all the enormous resin pieces. I assembled and magnetised the titan weapons and elbows (had to magnetise these, as the elbows and arms come with the body and you get only 2, and I had 3 weapons). Figuring out how to do it so that the leverage provided by the length of the barrels doesn’t snap the magnetic joint was quite tricky.

On Friday I cleaned and assembled a Scorpion Grav Tank. Boy, these are simple to put together. A lot of straightening and cleaning, though.

So that’s it for this week. Next week I hope I’ll finally get my hands on the barge and tugboats Jezus is designing for the Wolsung SSG display board I’m to paint this month.