Weekly Desk 17: Phantom Titan WIP

I started painting the Phantom Titan and two Eldar superheavies for the same client who ordered the last Phantom (the Armorcast one) and two Ravenants for his dark grey Eldar army. You can expect freehand checkers and nebulae as colourful touches to the overall grey of the models. As for now, I managed to get the colour for the guns and metallic details – mainly airbushed shades of Shadow Grey and highlights, lined with Space Wolf Grey. I also bought a brand new bottle of masking fluid as the two we had in the Studio went sour (how can that happen? Well, apparently it just can), so I will now mask all the already done parts before airbrushing the armour itself. Hope nothing will go bad with the masking fluid and it won’t change the colour underneath too much!


Also, as a prank project, we devised another mascot for the Studio: Tommy the Brick Raven. The texture, colour and base are done, now we have to add some eyes for the front facing 🙂


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