Former Governor and Presidential Hopeful… Keeper of Secrets

I’ve been commissioned a conversion to resculpt the Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets a bit; this has been the most detailed request I’ve ever got:

Slaanesh RFQ 1.JPG

This continues for 6 pages, with details concerning stockings, thong, breast size, hairdo and so forth; Everything is backed with proper pictures. I leave that to your imagination. the final page sums the whole conversion up:

Slaanesh RFQ 2.JPG

I have to say this was the clearest and most detailed job description I ever got from anybody.

After 7 days of cleaning the model, assembly, and sculpting, then cleaning again, I finished the conversion:

6 thoughts on “Former Governor and Presidential Hopeful… Keeper of Secrets

    • My job is done on it as the client wanted to paint it himself. I will make 4 Heralds and some other models for him, though – just sculpting.

  • Wow man. That is an amazing conversion! I really like the green stuff work on the stocking. It really sells it. I would have been hard pressed on how to even represent it. Great job.

    • It’s actually Kneadite Green Stuff (the original one; not that there is much difference besides price) mixed 1:2 with Magic Sculp. I prefer this mix to both of these on their own as it lets sand itself, shows detail better, sets faster and is very soft at the start.

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