Broken leg => delay on everything

As I always said, “through sports to cripple” – I didn’t listen to myself and tried to learn to ride on roller-blades at the start of April, which resulted in a broken leg. Now, three weeks after the accident and surgery, I still remain at home with leg up. I don’t know how much more it will take until I’ll be able to work again.

Now, as one picture is worth a thousand words, here are three pics:

Noga 1.jpgnoga 3.jpgNoga 4.jpg

6 thoughts on “Broken leg => delay on everything

  • Argh- I feel your pain. Heads up and have fun at the security checks on airports in the future.

  • All the best for your recovery.
    I guess you are later on using the screws for a customized Ork Stompa 😉
    Take care and once more I wish you a good recovery.

  • Sorry to hear about the leg. Atleast you can concider yourself one step closer to be part of the Adeptus Mechanicus! 😀

    As the others I also wish you a good recovery.

  • first, let me start by sayng LOLNWB! 😉 (just jokin’ man…I’m sorry for ya pain)

    second: I’ve been playing hockey for 12 years and, of course, fallen thousands of times… and I’m pretty sure the skates should hold your feet tight up to 15 cm over the ankle…how did you managed to break it? you’ve been very unlucky! 🙁 sounds almost impossible

    keep it up, enjoy this time to relax, sleep and get bored to hell 😉

    • the new skates boots are much more comfortable, meaning they’re made of fabric and a plastic skeleton – which is much more bendy than human bones, it appears.

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