Titans painting commences!

For the last week I was masking the titans for the checkers pattern, which I foolishly decided it would be faster to make with an airbrush.


3 days of meticulous checker removal, and after I airbrush them, there will be 3 more days to remove the other half of the masking! And even then I will have to highlight each checker individually by hand! I’m mad at me.

I wanted to have the blending I already made intact, hence the masking idea. I know now that it would take me less time to paint it all by hand 🙁

Hopefully the overall effect will be worth the effort.

This was my attitude when 3 days of masking ended. After the weekend, I came back to airbrush the pattern and then remove the masking.

It appears that removing the masking goes much quicker than preparing it. What I assumed would take me another 2 or 3 days took me 4 hours. Yuppi! The paint underneath was a bit damaged in places due to cutting the checkers but nothing I couldn’t handle. I hereby present you the pics of the checkers basic design, after some touch-ups but before any highlighting or lining. The models are starting to look sweet!

Phantom 5.jpgPhantom 1.jpgPhantom 2.jpgPhantom 3.jpg

Running 1.jpgRunning 3.jpgStanding 1.jpgStanding 3.jpg

2 thoughts on “Titans painting commences!

  • Love all the work on the titans! I can only imagine all the time involved in a task this huge. Would it be possible to see some WIPs of all the checker work? Also what kind of airbrush/compressor do you use? Please keep up the motivation and I love all of your work with Eldar being on the top of the list. Is this army in the states? I would love to see it.

    • Thanks for the comment! You are officially the first person to do it.

      Unfortunately, I have no WIP pics of the checkers masking. It takes nearly an hour of two people’s time to actually set up these models for a photo session and the masking made the models’ parts not fit together while they were all wrapped up.

      This army is in the US, I believe on the East Coast – the originalowner was from PA, and I believe the current owner is from some other state in the area.

      I use some no-name airbrush with 0,3mm needle for finer work and a heavy duty one for basecoating. I have no idea what company’s compressor I use either. I will look that up this week if it buggers you.

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