Phantom & Ravenant titans basecoated PIP

I finally solved the limpy weapons syndromme ravenants had – I inserted additional magnets at about 90deg to the main one in the torso-arm and arm-weapon joints. I then added 2 more to each joint in the arm bit, allowing it to be attached at 3 different angles at the arm and at the elbow.

Having based the models, I basecoated them with a custom dark grey mix and then proceeded with application of the first layer of highlight so that anything at all can be visible.

Phantom 3.jpgPhantom 2.jpgPhantom 1.jpgall titans.jpg

And the Ravenants:

standing 2.jpgstanding 3.jpgrunning 1.jpgrunning 2.jpg

I found out I need to mount the running one again at a more upright angle as he’s a bit too wobbly when all the parts are attached.

warrior head 1.jpgwarrior head 2.jpgwarrior head 3.jpgfarseer head 1.jpg

farseer head 2.jpgdestrozed weapon 1.jpgdestrozed weapon 2.jpg