Phantom & Ravenant Titans WIP

Work on this commission continues. I assembled the Ravenants and made bases for all 3 titans. Just some minor sculpting left (some extra gems here and there, some detail around the pilots), and the converting one of the Phantom’s pulsars into a destroyed version to represent the weapon destroyed result left – I think I might be able to basecoat the models this week.

Phantom and ravenants WIP.jpgPhantom farseer.jpgPhantom 2.jpgPhantom 1.jpg

And the Ravenants:

Ravenant standing 1.jpgRavenant standing 3.jpgRavenant running 1.jpgRavenant running 3.jpg

I ran into a problem with these; I wanted to magnetise as many bits as I could so they could be transported easier and for most part the magnets are strong enough. Apart from the weapon arms – the lever is too long and the gravity simply pulls the barrels down… WIll have to find a solution next.

Pilots WIP

phantom warrior head pilot.jpgphantom farseer head pilots.jpg


phantom base 1.jpgphantom base 2.jpg

And the destroyed pulsar weapon:

Phantom destroyed pulsar.jpg

The client had raised several important points:

(1) One of the revenants looks like it is standing straight (rather than the running action pose of the other one).  That is fine.  However, the revenant also looks like it is staring at the sky rather than straight forward or down.  Since most of the time, the revenants will be fighting stuff that is smaller than them, I would rather that the revenant look straight forward as it will look funny when it is fighting a tank that is positioned at its knees and it appears to be staring at the sky.

(2) Is it possible to make the pilot modules in the phantom titan look less like the neck and chin parts of a revenant titan?  Perhaps you can add a little green-stuff around the modules to transform them a bit to look a bit different from the revenant neck and chin portions?  Let me know.

(3) I assume that the weapons on the revenant titans can be reoriented to face forward rather than down (shown in pic entitled “Phantom and Ravanent WIP”).  I am pretty sure they can because the other pics show them in more dynamic poses.

(4) Do you think I will have any problems with the magnets over time such that the weapons (assuming they are magnetized) eventually fall off the titans OR eventually become limp and face downwards?  If so, any thoughts on how to deal with this?

(5)  Really loved what  you did with the phantom titan base.  I like how one of the feet is breaking into the ground.  It makes the titan look big and heavy.  VERY COOL!

(6) Can the arms on the phantom titan swivel and tilt up and down?  I suspect they can, but I wanted to confirm.

(7) I was thinking about this.  The revenants come with two heads, don’t  they?  Would it be possible for you to paint both of them for each revenant, so that I can change from one head to the other?  Not sure if that is possible.  Let me know.

Ad.1 I will try to fit the magnet again to change the tilt of the head.
Ad.2 This is still WIP and what he mentioned is exactly what I was going to do 🙂
Ad.3&4 I still don’t know if the single magnet will hold the weapon all right. I now consider 2 options:
1) add some smaller magnets to the side of the large one to stop the gravity swivel – I don’t know if there is ebough room for this.
2) make the surface of the magnets extremely rough (matt) so that the friction stops the gravity (I tried it already with matt varnish, proved to be not enough. Maybe application of some sandpaper will work – I will try this option first and see if it works)
3)  the weapons will be magnetised for shipping only – if you don’t really need the modularity for when you game with the models, You could just glue the weapons in place by adding a drop of superglue to the joint – the magnets will act as sort-of pins, and will allow you to pose the model as you want and then secure this pose once and for all.
Ad.6 Thanks! The surface of the bases is made with the very same design that was used to create the Temple bases your models are mounted on. Once I undercoat the models this will become visible – the black spots are just because I needed to make a surface texture (the master design was flat, and on the Temple bases there is a texture added) – I painted the plates black to see where I already added the texture.
Ad.6 the Phantom weapons swivel horizontally all the way, and up and down in the constraints of the original arm/weapon mounting bit.
Ad.7  The heads are both magnetised at the neck and you will get 4 Ravenant heads total.