Titans almost finished!

At last, I see the end is near! Or rather the finish, or completion…

The models are almost finished, with all the highlights and detailing done. What’s still to do are the colourful checkers (One ravenant will have some of the dark checkers blue, the other Ravenant purple, and the Phantom will have a mixture of both) and gloss varnish on the gems, and some cleanup on the bases.

I should have them all finished by Friday this week. Yay!

ravenant running 1.jpgravenant running 2.jpgravenant running 4.jpgravenant running 5.jpg

ravenant standing 1.jpgravenant standing 2.jpgravenant standing 4.jpgravenant standing 6.jpg

Phantom warrior 1.jpgPhantom warrior 2.jpgPhantom warrior 3.jpgPhantom warrior 4.jpg

Phantom farseer 1.jpgPhantom farseer 2.jpgPhantom farseer 4.jpgTitans.jpg