Titans finished… sort of.

I did manage to paint them up to a state I had in mind last week. There will be some minor changes and additions though…

Anyways, I added purple and blue checkers to the models and painted the crew and interior. Note I still didn’t add the gloss varnish over all the gems.

Here are the Phantom’s heads:

Farseer head 6.jpgFarseer head 2.jpgFarseer head 3.jpgFarseer head 4.jpg

Warrior head 1.jpgWarrior head 2.jpgWarrior head 3.jpgWarrior head 4.jpg

And the Ravenant’s heads:

Ravenant 1 heads 1.jpgRavenant 1 heads 2.jpgRavenant 1 heads 3.jpgRavenant 1 heads 4.jpg

Ravenant 2 heads 1.jpgRavenant 2 heads 2.jpgRavenant 2 heads 3.jpgRavenant 2 heads 4.jpg

Then there are some Ravenants’ armour parts with a blue glow underneath:

Ravenant shoulders 2.jpgRavenant shoulders 1.jpgRavenant hip guards 2.jpgRavenant hip guards 1.jpg

And last, there are the Phantom’s weapons:

weapon psi lance.jpgweapon pulsar.jpgweapon melta.jpgweapon lance.jpg

fist 1.jpgfist 2.jpgBroken Pulsar 2.jpgBroken Pulsar 3.jpg

Rob however considered the weapons to be too plain looking, so I added a glow effect and some checkers here and there.

Here are the whole models with added detail on the weapons:

Titans all 1.jpgPhantom 3.jpgPhantom 2.jpgPhantom 9.jpg

Phantom 4.jpgPhantom 5.jpgPhantom 6.jpgPhantom 1.jpg

And the Ravenants: purple:

ravenant purple 1.jpgravenant purple 2.jpgravenant purple 4.jpgravenant purple 5.jpg

And blue:

ravenant blue 7.jpgravenant blue 5.jpgravenant blue 3.jpgravenant blue 2.jpg

Everything is fine now, except for that he wants the “warrior” phantom head and Ravenant weapons to have some blue glow¬† too. And he wants some objective markers to go with the models and the army.