The Titans are finally finished!

An epic commission, two and a half month of my total commitment from start to finish. These will round off a Showcase-level Rob’s Eldar army I painted up for him earlier.

The models are now done. Here are all the pictures so you can judge them for yourself. Enjoy!

The Blue Ravenant:

Ravenant blue 2.jpgRavenant blue 3.jpgRavenant blue 4.jpgRavenant blue 5.jpgRavenant blue 7.jpgRavenant blue 6.jpgRavenant blue 1.jpgRavenant blue 8.jpg

The Purple Ravenant:

Ravenant purple 1.jpgRavenant purple 2.jpgRavenant purple 3.jpgRavenant purple 5.jpgRavenant purple 6.jpgRavenant purple 7.jpgRavenant purple 8.jpgRavenant purple 9.jpg

And the Phantom:

Phantom 1.jpgPhantom 2.jpgPhantom 3.jpgPhantom 5.jpgPhantom 6.jpgPhantom 7.jpgPhantom 10.jpgPhantom 18.jpg

And some detail shots for good measure:

Phantom warlock head 2.jpgPhantom warlock head 5.jpgPhantom warrior head 1.jpgPhantom warrior head 3.jpgPhantom broken pulsar.jpgPhantom fist.jpgPhantom pulsar and dcannon.jpgPhantom psi and heat lance.jpgPhantom fin 1.jpgPhantom fin 2.jpgPhantom fin 3.jpgPhantom fin 4.jpg

4 thoughts on “The Titans are finally finished!

  • Great titans just great. I am truely at a loss for words. Favorite weapons are the starcannons and favorite. Favorite details have to be the checkers and the glowing blue parts. Great job. Well worth the price…whatever it was. Bravo Sir..Bravo. You should have casted some pieces and kept some for yourself!!!

  • Marvellous. Thank you for sharing this project. I think it’s brilliant that the internet allows so many to appreciate what, in the past, would have been seen by so few.

    I too am taken with the fade on the chequers. It’s come out really well. Are you pleased with the finished effect?

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