Custodes, Marines and Dark Eldar sculpts

I’ve been doing a few sculpting/converting commissions lately.

Three of the projects require me to sculpt quite a lot of custom detail on otherwise standard GW models, and then make an army’s worth of models out of these. To keep the projects affordable and at a high quality I opted to make several master models and then cast them multiple times, and finally assemble them in a way that still makes every model look unique. So after I cast the parts there will be cutting and swapping the detailed bits between the models. Sort of.

I’m using a mould with a limited number of uses for these casts, just as a tool to help me with the finished project, and I will not cast these and sell just as parts, period.

This is the most time consuming project yet with the shortest deadline: To make an army of Space Marines as depicted in the 4th edition WH40k rulebook; Bling Marines.

Marine 1a.jpgMarine 1b.jpgMarine 2a.jpgMarine 2b.jpg

Marine 3a.jpgMarine 3b.jpgMarine 4a.jpgMarine 4b.jpg

Marine 5a.jpgMarine 5b.jpgMarines shoulderpads.jpgMarines size comp 3.jpg

The last pic shows size comparison to a regular Space Marine; the parts I made have legs longer by 2mm, making the model look more proportionate overall.

Next is the project that brings me most fun; Custodes. I sculpted just 3 different legs, torsoes and heads but I bet that’ll be enough.

Custodes legs 1.jpgCustodes legs 2.jpgCustodes legs 3.jpgCustodes legs 4.jpg

Custodes halberd 3.jpgCustodes halberd 1.jpgCustodes halberd 2.jpgCustodes shoulderpads.jpg

Custodes heads 1.jpgCustodes heads 2.jpgCustodes heads 3.jpgCustodes heads 4.jpg

Custodes torsoes.jpgCustodes body assembly 1.jpgCustodes whole assembly 1.jpgCustodes whole assembly 3.jpg

I didn’t take pics of the third project as the client was visiting me and saw the progress in person, but I can tell you it’s a feminine version of Striking Scorpion Eldar Aspect Warriors. That can have their arms swapped for power weapons and look as perfectly good Banshees.

The fourth project is much more straightforward and requires me to convert “a” model into a Dark Eldar Mistress. With owl. (That’s the client’s wish)

Dark Eldar WIP 1.jpgDark Eldar WIP 2.jpg

I will paint this model on Showcase level next.

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