Phantom titan WIP

Here’s some more progress pics.

It’s kind of funny how I spent 2 weeks cutting, sculpting and sanding almost every surface and 80% of it doesn’t even show at the first glance.

For me that’s what defines good conversion work. It’s a little bit frustrating though.

So for the record: I sanded the chest piece so that the chest detail has sharp edges, filled in all the airbubbles, I used rotary tool with dental bits to sharpen and straighten all the surface divisions on the whole model, I even did this to each and every gem so that they’re clearly defined now.

I will post here pics of the same piece “before” and “after” so you can see the difference.

“warrior” head:
warrior head 1.jpgHead 2.jpgHead 1.jpg

Torso front:

shoulders.jpgtorso front.jpgtorso front.jpg

Torso back:

torso 1.jpgtorso back.jpgtorso back.jpg


fin.jpgfins left.jpgfins right.jpg


weapons new arm joints.jpgweapons new cables.jpgfist new cable.jpg

left leg:

left leg.jpgleft leg.jpg

Right leg:

right leg.jpgright leg.jpg

And the full picture:

Phantom pose 2.jpgtitan.jpgtitan WIP pose.jpgtitan WIP pose close.jpg