Phantom titan WIP

I’ve been commissioned by a long-term customer, Rob, to build and paint him 2 Ravenant titans (FW) and a Phantom titan (Armorcast) for his Eldar army. Now, he sent me the models back in January, right after I finished updating his Eldar army up to the 5th edition, but due to my other commitments I scheduled this commission to May-July.

In the meantime, Rob has found out that the FW were to release their own Phantom in the foreseeable future. After a debate we decided that it would be a shame to waste this model, on which he already spent quite a lot of money hunting various bits of it on eBay, and I promised to update the model so that it didn’t stand out from the current Eldar range.

I started by hacking the left leg apart to make the pose less static.

left leg.jpgright leg.jpg

I also cut open both heads to make room for the pilots:

warrior head 1.jpgwarrior head 3.jpgfarseer head 1.jpgfarseer head 2.jpg

Then I removed all the so-called detail areas on the legs and torso, to replace it with a finer version. I also started to make a new shape of the shoulderpads.

torso 1.jpgshoulders.jpg

The first posing photo:
Phantom pose 1.jpgPhantom pose 2.jpg

I also cut the chicken-like toes off the feet and resculpted the feet to look more like hooves, as this seems to be more common on Eldar walkers lately. The arms were originally held together by screws, accessible by removing the shoulderpad insert. Since the shoulders will now be inaccessible, I replaced these with magnets. A lot of consideration went into choosing the right magnet size. I finally decided for a neodymium 20mmx5mm disc and it proved strong enough!


Anyways, the work on this beast of a miniature continues…