Weekly Desk 7

A bit overdue, but my website got infected last week and only now it’s been cleaned and I’m able to fully edit posts finally.


Anyways, this week I was continuing with the Wolsung display table, finishing the boats, adding several models to spice teh table up a bit. Also, the clear resin arrived, next week I’ll be testing ways to proceed with it.




[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] Weekly Desk 7 1.jpgWeekly Desk 7 2.jpgWeekly Desk 7 3.jpgWeekly Desk 7 4.jpgWeekly Desk 7 5.jpgWeekly Desk 7 6.jpgWeekly Desk 7 7.jpgWeekly Desk 7 8.jpgWeekly Desk 7 9.jpgWeekly Desk 7 10.jpgWeekly Desk 7 11.jpgWeekly Desk 7 12.jpgWeekly Desk 7 13.jpgWeekly Desk 7 14.jpgWeekly Desk 7 15.jpgWeekly Desk 7 16.jpg[/pe2-gallery]