In between other commissions and going to Essen Spiel ’10 as a part of Micro Art Studio team, I managed to paint myself a core of an oriental-stylised Skaven WFB army. Apart from the Grey seer character I posted earlier, I opted not to spend too much time on these models – most of them will be deep within the horde anyways. This allowed me to paint 2 starter boxes’ worth of models in 7 days (a working week and two days off another one).

I used Micro Art Studio’s Nezumi Heads for all of the small rats.

Lotsa pics incoming!

Skaven Army 1.jpgSkaven Army 2.jpgSkaven Army 3.jpgSkaven Army 4.jpg

Skaven Army 5.jpgSkaven Army 6.jpgWarlord Greyseer Engineer .jpgEngineers 1.jpg

Warlord Red 1.jpgWarlord Red 2.jpgWarlord Red 4.jpgWarlord Red 5.jpg

Warlord Torquoise 1.jpgWarlord Torquoise 2.jpgWarlord Torquoise 3.jpgWarlord Torquoise 4.jpg

Weaponteams 1.jpgWeaponteams 3.jpgWeaponteams 5.jpgSumo Ratogres Black 1.jpg

Sumo Ratogres Black 3.jpgSumo Ratogres Black 5.jpgSumo Ratogres White 1.jpgSumo Ratogres White 3.jpg

Sumo Ratogres White 4.jpgSkaven Torquoise Clanrats 1.jpgSkaven Torquoise Clanrats 3.jpgSkaven Torquoise Clanrats 4.jpg

Skaven Torquoise Clanrats 5.jpgSkaven Red Clanrats 1.jpgSkaven Red Clanrats 3.jpgSkaven Red Clanrats 4.jpg

Skaven Red Clanrats 5.jpgSkaven Orange Horde 2.jpgSkaven Orange Horde 3.jpgSkaven Orange Horde 6.jpg

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