Infinity: expand

So, we finally goth our next order from Corvus Belli, and the joy of painting Infinity models commenced. Now I have quite a susbstantial number of models for a game that requires 10 models to play at most. The thing is, I want to have options to choose from, and the models are sooo cooool!

Ehem. But I think they went too far with non-heroic scale with the newest models. they look mighty fine on their own, but for example I loved the old Janissaries armour design – and the new one, fine on it’s own as it is, doesn’t fit with the older models. Similarly, the Djanbazan hacker/doctor lady – her helmet is half the size of a regular Djanbazan. This looks kind of awkward.


Anyways, I finally had the chance to play with a TAG, and as is always the case with big shiny toys for me – it got shot to pieces on the first turn. The Pilot Ejection system made the game for me though (I use Ju-Jing hacker model for the pilot as it looks nothing like the rest of Haqquislam models, and I like her :))