Ok, so I did this again. I couldn’t remain focussed on the commissions I’m doing now!

With Micro Art doing new terrain, tokens, etc. for Corvus Belli’s sci-fi game Infinity, we finally found the will to actually learn their game and see what terrain and gaming materials are actually needed. With Jezus and Wojtek playing the first 10-12 games last week (on 2 days, just a couple of hours each time – the pace of this game at low points level is ridiculous!), and Kacper and Jan already in the middle of painting their forces, I dug out my few Haqquislam models I acquired based purely on their looks, stripped them from their desert-camo paintjob and settled for a new one. The actual list that these models allow to field is pretty ridiculous for small points level, as it turns out I got only the heaviest infantry, totally forgoing the basic troops – which are quite an important part to getting the right number of Orders each turn! Tomorrow I’m set for a first couple of games with Jan, and we’ll try to take some pictures during them. We already have painted quite a substantial amount of terrain as we recycled all the miscasts from Micro Art products last week.


All in all, these models I started stripping from old paint, pinning, basing and undercoating on Tuesday, and today, on the following Wednesday, I have them all finished. This is mainly due to the limited colour palette used, and the use of airbrush to get the base colour of both the models and the bases. The colourscheme is inspired by some enemies from Deus Ex: Human Revolution computer game, with the white guns and details threw in for a much required in miniatures visual contrast.